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We believe the Silex is an easy to pitch, easy to use, and very stormworthy shelter at a tempting weight. Handmade in Grand Junction, CO. To learn more about the Silex… The Silex is a lightweight 1.5 person tarp tent that pitches with trekking poles. Offered in silnylon or ultralight dyneema cuben fiber. Made in the USA from premium materials. 2019-10-31 Silex - A 13,628 foot peak in the San Juan Range of mountains in Southwest Colorado.. The Silex UL is a large single person trekking pole tent that pitches easily … 2019-07-16 2020-06-01 2021-02-13 Description goHUNT Highlights Built for the hardcore backcountry ounce counting hunter that wants a light bomb-proof shelter Zipper free to lessen leaks, weight, and wear points Pitches tight to better resist heavy winds and bad weather helping you stay in the field longer Manufacturer Highlights Available with … I'm not sure how much testing (if any) Seek Outside has done with Silpoly.

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The Silex requires a 5 ft. long stove pipe and if the stove is to be used with another shelter it would be wise to call Seek Outside to see what length is needed. Regardless of pipe length, it will roll lengthwise into a 10 in. long tube for packability. The Seek Outside Silex Tent is now available in the goHUNT Dennis from Seek Outside gave us a rundown on the Silex tent while at the 2020 Western Hunt Expo.

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As for real estate to pitch it, that would depend on the area you are going to hunt. The Silex is a great shelter. Silex Nest UPC: Condition: New. Silex Nest: 4 to 6 weeks.

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Ultralight & Backcountry Ready. USA Made 2021-03-22 Seek Outside, Grand Junction, Colorado.

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moms) Betygsatt 5.00 av 5. Gossamer Gear For solo, I'd go with the Silex. No personal experience with the Eolus.

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The Silex is a lightweight 1.5 person tarp tent that pitches with trekking poles. Offered in silnylon or ultralight dyneema cuben fiber. Seek Outside 2922 I 70B The Seek Outside Silex is a two-peak/two vestibule tarp shelter with an optional inner tent (nest) for bug and condensation protection. It offers an innovative and durable zipperless design for its two doors and vestibules.